Mission Statement

Every day our team pulls together to do every cleaning task according to our high standards. We strive to listen to and adhere to every customer’s needs and requests. We know that our work and conduct is a representation of who we are. It is our goal to keep and to attract new long term customers with our outstanding quality of service. We want Cleaning by Design to be a “Service that Shines” in our community.

As we work throughout each day our communication and conduct is appropriate for all ages to see and hear.  

We are a tobacco free business during all hours of our operation.  

We use as many green products as possible that are affordable and effective.  

About Us

When you hire our local cleaning services we seek to understand your specific cleaning needs and preferences.  With your help we can customize your service plan to ensure your complete satisfaction.  You can expect us to clean both residences and commercial locations with professionalism.  Our attention to the finishing touches sets us apart from other cleaning services.  We can clean for special one time occasions or on a regularly scheduled basis.  You can employ our services for as long as your needs persist, and satisfaction is met, and you don’t have to sign long term binding contracts.  

We have been using Miele canister vacuums since almost our beginning in 1999.  They have all of the attachments needed to be able to clean any room thoroughly.  We have even had some of our customer’s purchase one for themselves to use in between our cleanings.  

Elizabeth Roderick, Owner, grew up in Frederick county.  There was always something going on at home being the youngest of eight siblings.  She began building and creating a cleaning service in 1999 as she was ending a former business partnership of nine years.  With a strong independent entrepreneurial spirit she has worn many hats to run and operate this business for nineteen years.  In her spare time Elizabeth enjoys hiking, church activities, music concerts, and spending time with family and friends.